04.07.2018, AdvanTec GmbH

The hybrid propulsion system by Advantec, using AURIX™ as high safety controller.

First run of all components of the hybrid propulsion system developed by Advantec for a motor glider. They developped a testbench to run all elements, before integrating in the real airplane.

On the 2. testrun Advantec were using an Infineon Aurix board to start and control the range-extender, also showing the most important parameters delivered by the range-extender on the board´s display.

The next step to run the system is in a scenario as follows


  • Start of the system by a hardware switch, activating the primary propulsion system, starting of the electric motor by the hand-throttle only using the batteries energy


  • After using the battarie down to 80% capacity, automated start of the REX steered by the Aurix controller with a power of max 12kW over 10 minutes duration in different power settings


  • Stopping of the primary propulsion system with a synchronus shutdown of the REX