ECA2030, 4th - 5th Jul 2018 Italy - Turin


Please find here the Registration-Form for the ECA3020 Event in Turin.

For people interested only in technical sessions, the registration is required but the participation is free of charge. For any question concerning ECA 2030 Turin event and the registration process please contact Mariangela Saracco ()

In July 2018 the ECA 2030 TURIN Event takes place at Polito Turin. Further notification about the registration procedure will follow soon. Please reserve the dates in your calendars; we´re looking forward to an active participation!

ECA2030 is the interactive arena where the automotive community and policy makers meet and discuss about the next evolution cycles, technology gaps and limits of today ́s technologies in order to pave the way for the Electric, Connected, Automated car for the 2030 customer (ECA-cars).


In 2030, the electric, connected and automated car will become Mainstream. On a global scale, today ́s yearly manufacturing volume of more than 80 Mio conventional cars will contain a share of estimated 40 Mio ECA-cars in 2030, which have to be produced in a sustainable way.

As a consequence of this disruptive change, we need to define not only the needed technology basis, but also to identify possible gaps to gain and keep the sovereignty and the IP to build our cars in and for Europe.

The new ECA2030 event in Turin will be principally focused on the “human centric design approach”, which has gradually gained importance in Europe in the last years. This approach will be analysed and discussed by experts coming from different scientific disciplines (e.g. engineering, medical, etc.).

We will discuss how new technologies will address relevant societal challenges, such as aging population and urbanisation, with the aim of improving the quality of life of European citizens.