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3Ccar SC9 System Demonstrator shown @IFAG

18.01.2019, Infineon Campeon, Neubiberg Germany

Martin Barth, Body Application Specialist for IFAG Automotive Division, presenting the highlights of 3Ccar and the result of SC9, a Smart LIN HVAC system.

The presentation included a live demonstration and was surrounded by an active discussion amongst IFAG technical experts.

3Ccar Final Project Review @ ECA2030 in Graz

On the 8th – 10th of October 2018, 3Ccar partners met for the final project review meeting in Graz, Austria. The meeting was attended by all project partners, project officers, as well as representatives from ECSEL JU, and national and local governments.


Discussions at the TU Graz

Leaders of all of the project Supply Chains and Work Packages presented the achieved results, deliverables, and milestones at the TU Graz. Plans for the valorization of the 3Ccar technological results were discussed, paving the way for impactful market introductions. Furthermore, project partners presented how the developments achieved under 3Ccar will be integrated into future collaborations, and how they will impact the future of mobility and European economies.




The final review meeting culminated with a session of project technological demonstrators during the networking event ECA2030 Graz, held at the Hans-List Hall in Graz: Electric Connected Automated Cars invented for the 2030 Consumer. The outstanding event, as highlight of ECSEL JU project’s 3Ccar final review days, was organized by AVL LIST, Graz. During this event, Dr. Sabine Herlitschka, Chair of ECSEL Joint Undertaking Governing Board, CEO and CTO of Infineon Technologies Austria, gave an inspirational keynote speech presenting the vast achievements of ECSEL JU projects and encouraging future collaborations.

Demonstrator Session at the Hans List Hall

Event attendees were warmly welcomed by event hosts Prof. Georg List, AVL List GmbH VP Corporate Strategy, and Prof. Helmut List, AVL List GmbH CEO, and inspired by their visionary talks. A cordial reception was also extended by Mag. Alexandra Pichler-Jessenko, Member of Styrian Parliament, who captivated the audience with her speech about the host city and the importance of innovation-oriented economy. Dr. Anton Chichkov then presented his speech on the Mobility.E lighthouse initiative, driven by the cluster project AutoDrive. ECA2030 Graz participants were also honoured by the presence of Mag. Diana Materi from Townhall Graz, Mr Reinhold Friedrichs, BMBF Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany, and Mr Francis Deprez, VLAIO Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IWT-Vlaanderen.

Following the speeches, ECA2030 Graz participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the numerous 3Ccar technological demonstrators and the impressive ANTARES E2aircraft, presented by Lange Aviation.

3Ccar coordinator Reiner John thanked all 3Ccar partners, industry and public representatives, as well as the funding agencies, for this extraordinary opportunity to collaborate in creating novel, integrated components for complexity control and more affordable vehicles.

Get some more inspirations of the ECA2030 event and 3Ccar final review

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ECA2030 - Human Centered Mobility 09.10.2018 in Graz


During the final review of 3Ccar the third ECA2030 event will be held, bringing together a large number of stakeholders and initiating discussions in an exhibition space of project’s technical demonstrators. The event will take place in Graz on 09.10.2018 at 16:30 – 18:30 in the Hans-List Center.

We will share results about translated complexity of today’s cars into semiconductors and discuss the major results seen in demonstrations, as well as discuss about changing the mind-set in terms of the safety requirements of highly automated in order to discuss the next evolution cycles, technology gaps and limits of today´s technologies to pave the way for the electric, connected, automated car for the 2030 customer (ECA-cars).

Background for the Mobility.E light house and the networking events ECA2030

  • In 2030, the electric, connected and automated car will become mainstream. On a global scale, today´s yearly manufacturing volume of more than 80 Mio conventional cars will contain a share of estimated 40 Mio ECA-cars in 2030, which have to be produced in a sustainable way.
  • As a consequence of this disruptive change, we need to define not only the needed technology basis, but also to identify possible gaps to gain and keep the sovereignty and the IP to build our cars in and for Europe. 
  • ECA2030 is especially driven along the ECS value chain by research topics based on semiconductors, embedded control, seamless communication, advanced algorithms and system integration including the needed materials. Key migration parameter, the DNA of the technologies, must be defined for the next evolution cycles. Read more ...

    SC9 - Demonstration of novel System on Chip

    Demonstration of novel System on Chip developed by Infineon for bipolar and three phase stepper motor control with the implemented micro-stepping motor control algorithms for drive noise reduction, equipped with new stall detection algorithm and LIN auto addressing functionality provided by BUT

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